About Us

Take Pride Cleaning was established in 2010 by owner Ryan Vogt as a small business that aimed at providing floor care services to commercial locations within Winnipeg, and Southeastern Manitoba.

Couple standing next to a tree

In 2015, as our own family grew and we became the busy parents of 4 children of our own, we realized and noticed that people with long work schedules and busy lives could really benefit from regular housekeeping services.

It was at this time that Ryan’s wife Krista Vogt decided to add Residential, Apartment, Condo, and Commercial Cleaning to our list of available services.

Since then, our little business has blossomed, and our customer base continues to grow as word of mouth spreads about our amazing quality and exceptional customer service.

We believe in…

Great People.

We are delighted to have intelligent, creative and hard working individuals on our team. Our staff tend to have an eye for detail and a desire for perfection, and enjoy cleaning.


We hire and train our own employees, not independent contractors. When we come, you know whoever walks through your door is an employee of Take Pride Cleaning.

Happy Clients.

We work with you to ensure your unique vision is met, your home’s particulars are understood.